February 12, 2021

Spot World Heritage

SPOT World Heritage is designed to build a comprehensive database of SPOT imagery

SPOT 5, the last in the line of SPOT satellites developed by CNES, reached the end of its operational life in 2015 and was then deorbited.

But the data this constellation of five satellites collected over almost 30 years are every bit as meaningful today as when they were acquired, complementing other more recent sources.

Since the end of this Earth-observation mission, SPOT archive imagery has been accessible through Airbus DS’s Geostore catalogue. This is now no longer the case, as Airbus DS ceased production and delivery in August 2020.

Le fleuve Sénéral par Spot 5

Senegal River seen by SPOT 5 – 2.5-m resolution
Credit: CNES

CNES has been working towards this transition with its SPOT World Heritage (SWH) programme since 2013, processing all of the imagery acquired by the five satellites to compile a comprehensive imagery database.

This work is not yet finished, but the database already contains 17 million scenes processed to level 1A.

These data will be available free of charge to all users under an Etalab Open Licence. They will be viewable, searchable and downloadable via an online catalogue during the first quarter of 2021.

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